Country governance committees

The first CGC meeting was hosted by the RPR (the Riga Planning Region) in Riga, Latvia, on January 29, 2015. The meeting brought together all of the main CGC stakeholders: development and planning specialists from municipalities and representatives from energy utilities, local energy agencies, the Ministry of Economics and the RES H/C project partners. The main objectives of the meeting were to introduce the project’s objectives and activities; to discuss stakeholder expectations; to clarify the availability of data for mapping; and to create a willingness to participate in project activities.

The engineering consultancy company Ekodoma and the Riga Planning Region (RPR) held the second CGC meeting in the municipality of Salspils. The development of the Riga planning region energy plan has been discussed and a site visit to the wood chip boiler house was organized. The resulting regional energy plan will help municipalities introduce their own sustainable energy plans and promote the use of renewable energy in district heating.

First CGC meeting

Second CGC meeting

Third CGC meeting

Regional maps

Latvian regional energy demand and supply maps

Cost-benefit analysis

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