Country governance committees

The Bulgarian planning region of Rhodope is a mountainous biomass-rich territory, covering 21 municipalities. The first CGC meeting took place in the town of Smolyan on January 30, 2015. There were 24 participants from local, regional and national authorities, energy agencies and utilities.

The meeting concluded that the regional plan primarily needs to address the improvement of the current inefficient and polluting use of biomass in individual primitive stoves through the introduction of efficient biomass heating (individual, local, district heating) options. Other issues that are important for the region include the assessment and mapping of biomass and geothermal energy potential and cost-benefit analyses for the introduction of new biomass and geothermal energy systems.

On September 24, 2015, the Association of Rhodope Municipalities and the Black Sea Energy Research Centre organised the second Bulgarian CGC meeting, which took place in the city of Plovdiv. Representatives of municipal and district administrations, energy suppliers, energy agencies as well as other CGC members participated in the event and discussed the work done on the project so far and the opportunities to increase the application of the results achieved.

First Bulgarian CGC meeting

Second Bulgarian CGC meeting

Third Bulgarian CGC meeting

Fourth Bulgarian CGC meeting

Regional plan

Synthesis report of regional heating plan of the Rhodope region until 2030

Regional maps

Web-based project map (in Bulgarian)

Biomass energy potential in the Rhodope Region

Geothermal potential in the Rhodope region

Heating energy demand in Rhodope Region

Hot water energy demand in Rhodope Region

Cost-benefit analysis (in Bulgarian)

Business plan Zlatograd DHC

Heating cost-benefit analysis

Energopotreblenie v Rodopski obshtini

Output information for assessment of energy consumption for heating in buildings (in Bulgarian)