Presentation by Ministry of Economy

Third "RES H/C SPREAD" Country Governance Committee meeting

On June 8, 2016, RES H/C project experts as well as representatives from municipalities and the Ministry of Economy met for the third Country Governance Committee meeting, where the Riga Planning Region (RPR) district heating development programme (RES H/C Plan) was presented and discussed.

Presentation by Ministry of Economy
Presentation by Ministry of Economy

I. Brieze, the RES H/C SPREAD Project partner from the Riga Planning Region opened the meeting and updated partners on RES H/C project activities. The first part of the meeting started with a presentation from A.Pētersone, the Head of Energy Efficiency of the Ministry of Economy to introduce partners to the newest developments in energy planning and the new law on energy efficiency. The role of municipalities in energy planning and energy management was discussed.

The meeting was continued with the presentation from R.Cimdiņš, Head of Development Planning division of the Riga Planning Region. The main questions discussed were how the RPR district heating plan (RES H/C Plan) developed will be integrated into the regional development planning documents and how the plan could be used by regional municipalities. A. Kamenders from Ekodoma presented and discussed questions regarding future challenges and future development of district heating in RPR municipalities. The discussion was organized around implementation of district heating development programme in the municipalities of the Riga Planning Region, which is an important condition for its completion and implementation.

Discussion of RES H/C plan
Discussion of RES H/C plan

During the CGC meeting it was decided that the Regional Plan would be submitted and edited by an energy expert from the Union of Local Governments of Latvia. In addition, the Regional Plan will be sent to development planning specialists of RPR for final comments. The Regional Res Plan will be endorsed by the Riga Planning Region Development Council (consisting of Chairpersons of the Riga region’s 30 municipalities).

The Riga Planning Region, in cooperation with Ekodoma Ltd., have implemented the EU “Intelligent Energy Europe” programme’s “RES H/C Spread” project. This is being developed within the project energy planning guidelines for the Riga Planning Region. Their purpose is to identify and use the EU-wide best practices in renewable energy for heating and cooling, as well to achieve good practices in the transposition of regional planning documents. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Intelligent Energy Europe programme. The project is being implemented from April 1, 2014 to August 30, 2016.


Energy planning and role of municipalities
A.Pētersone, Head of Energy Efficiency Division, Renewable energy resources and energy efficiency
Department of the Ministry of Economy
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Development planning documents of Riga Planning Region – thematic action programms and energy planning solutions
R.Cimdiņš, Head of Development planning division
Riga Planning Region
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Challenges and opportunities of a centralized heating system in municipalities. Regional heating development action programme
A.Kamenders, Executive Director
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