Second CGC meeting in Latvia

2nd_CGC_Latvia1 The engineering consultancy company Ekodoma and the Riga Planning Region (RPR) held the second CGC meeting in the municipality of Salspils. The development of the Riga planning region energy plan has been discussed and a site visit to the wood chip boiler house was organized. The resulting regional energy plan will help municipalities introduce their own sustainable energy plans and promote the use of renewable energy in district heating.

Currently, each municipality has a different approach to energy planning and using renewable energy for heating purposes in their municipalities. The regional energy plan will guide municipalities in their energy planning work. The development of the regional energy plan is ongoing and will be completed in 2016.

2nd_CGC_Latvia2Energy planning experts and persons in charge of district heating in municipalities attended the meeting to discuss the regional energy plan’s content and methodologies for mapping heating demand and supply options. During the same meeting, municipalities had the opportunity to learn about the experience of the municipality of Salaspils in the field of energy planning and energy management. The district heating company presented their involvement in building renovation projects, where district heating company acts as an ESCO. In addition, a tour of the newly built wood chip district heating plant was organised for all participants.