Cost-benefit analysis

The aim of this task is to develop guidelines on cost-benefit analysis (CBA) procedures and to provide enhanced skills to the technical staff of the regional/municipal energy departments, which would eventually contribute to the development of robust and viable regional/municipal energy action plans.

Within the framework of this project, cost-benefit analysis is aimed specifically at finding the most appropriate technical solutions for the further penetration of waste heat and renewables for heating and cooling. For this purpose, a methodology has been developed that provides a procedure for:

  • the identification of alternative scenarios (different technical solutions);
  • cost-benefit analysis identifying optimal scenarios.

The EnergyPLAN software, an energy system modeling tool developed by Aalborg University, was selected as the main tool to perform this task. Additionally, Excel files were created to support, organize and better manage the tool’s input and output data.

Concrete examples of the application of this methodology were selected within each of the regions involved.

To find out more, see the Reports section, WP4.

For each country’s cost-benefit analyses (where available), as well as other country-specific information, please click on one of the links below: