Best practices

Effective measures and strategies to promote RES H/C have been identified, and can serve as good examples to be followed by other Member States.

In order to get an overview of the various measures and strategies used in different Member States, a questionnaire has been created to interview key stakeholders of the Member States at the national and local level. Personal interviews with key stakeholders have been conducted. In addition, a short online questionnaire has been developed to reach more national contacts.

Furthermore, a screening has been conducted of all national policies, instruments and activities within the framework of all NEEAPs and NREAPs. Over the course of this analysis, good practices have been selected from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia and Spain, all of which are represented in the project consortium. Other examples have been provided by Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

The best practices and lessons learned have been presented in a way that allows them to be transferred to other contexts.

To find out more, see the Reports section (WP2).