RES H/C SPREAD - Presentation of final results

25th October 2016
COV2 10/191, Covent Garden
Place Rogier 16, 1210 Brussels

The project RES H/C Spread (2014-2016)  is coming to an end. For the last two and a half years the project has been working with a number of regional authorities in the EU on the development of plans and strategies to support sustainable heating and cooling.

A two-hour exchange between the EASME and EC representatives and the project team was held in Brussels on the 25th of October from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The meeting included presentations of the main results and successful experiences from participating regions.

Agenda of the final conference – 25 October 2016


Overall introduction to the project

Final results – Castilla y Leon Region

Final results – Emilia Romagna Region

Final results – Rhodope Region

Final results – Riga Region

Final results – Salzburg Region

Final results – Western Macedonia Region