First Latvian CGC meeting

Latvia - 1st CGC meetingThe first CGC meeting was hosted by RPR (Riga Planning Region) in Riga, Latvia on 29 January 2015.

The Head of Administration of the Riga Planning Region welcomed the participants and presented the agenda and the meeting’s main objectives. Representatives from all partners confirmed their presence at the meeting, after which they briefly introduced themselves, presenting their background and organization.

The meeting started with a presentation from the Ministry of the Economy, Department of RES and Energy Efficiency, dedicated to general energy policy and the latest developments in the field of municipal energy planning.

Experience from involvement in the Covenant of Mayors was presented by Riga City Energy Agency. CGC members discussed how SEAPs could be used for energy planning.

RES H/C SPREAD project partners from Ekodoma and RPR continued with an introduction of the project: the idea, background, concept, main objectives and outputs. The planned mapping exercise, the development of a plan for the Riga region, the methodology, process, activities and stakeholder involvement were then discussed in detail. Currently, municipal energy plans are optional, but a new energy law is being developed and soon energy plans for big municipalities will be compulsory. Therefore, the Ministry of the Economy supports planned activities regarding the development of a regional plan for the Riga Planning Region. Energy supply and demand mapping examples were presented and discussed. Power point presentations of all work packages were given. All presentations from the meeting were later sent out to participants.

There were 25 participants, representing:

  • The administrative head of the region (1 person)
  • Development specialists (10 persons)
  • Municipal energy enterprises/units/energy specialists (7 persons)
  • National interests (the Ministry of the Economy) (2 persons)
  • The project team (3 persons)
  • Other energy experts (2 persons)

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