First CGC workshop in Austria

At the beginning of 2015, the first Austrian CGC meeting within RES H/C SPREAD project was held at the SIR (Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen) in Salzburg, Austria. The participants were experts from the Province of Salzburg, SIR, Austrian Energy Agency (AEA), and the Regional Association “City of Salzburg and Surroundings”, the Regional Association “Salzburg Lake District”, and Salzburg AG, the main heat supplier in the region.

Following a brief project introduction, the ongoing planning activities in the region, in particular a heat demand map for analysis of the RES-H potential, were discussed. The discussion indicated that the regional activities of RES H/C SPREAD project should be focused on cost-benefit analysis using the EnergyPLAN tool. Furthermore, a method for mapping the RES-cooling demand could be provided.