Country governance committees

The first Italian CGC workshop took place in Bologna on December 1, 2014. More than 40 experts, energy planners at the regional and local level, researchers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and other actors discussed a common vision for the future of RES H/C in the Emilia Romagna region, which has over 4 million inhabitants and the third-largest GDP in Italy.

This participative planning approach will continue over the course of future workshops, in order to set out a strategy to achieve the envisaged objectives and contemporaneously prepare a toolbox – a robust analysis of energy supply and demand – to support local authorities in carrying out a preliminary assessment of efficient CHP and DHC applications. The results of these activities will be used for the preparation of RES H/C guidelines, potentially integrating the ambitious Regional Energy Plan (2007-2020).

First CGC meeting

Fourth CGC meeting

Regional maps

Emilia-Romagna heat maps – Arpa 

Cost-benefit analysis

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