Country governance committees

The first CGC meeting in the Western Macedonia Region of Greece was held on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 in Kozani. Fifteen stakeholders participated in total, providing valuable insights on the three objectives discussed during the workshop.

The meeting revealed that the development of heating and cooling plans in the region of Western Macedonia is considered rather challenging, while local and regional authorities showed a strong interest in this undertaking. Moreover, it was pointed out that the RES potential is relatively high and must be combined with the existing district heating network.

Finally, the next steps include the discussion of maps showing RES potential, the selection of the most efficient technologies for heating and cooling and the development of the regional RES H/C plan.

First CGC meeting

Second CGC meeting

Third CGC meeting

Fourth CGC meeting

Regional maps

Greece WP5 Organization and Harmonization and WP6 Regional Maps

Air heat pumps



Cooling energy demand

Forest biomass

Geothermal heat pumps

Heating energy demand

Household waste biomass

Landscape biomass

Prunning biomass

Solar thermal

Stemwood biomass

Straw biomass

Cost-benefit analysis

The available RES technologies in Western Macedonia were assessed through cost-benefit analysis. The implementation of the cost-benefit analysis was performed according to the JRC’s guidelines for the conduction of the comprehensive assessment within the framework of the Article 14 of the EED.

The results of the cost-benefit analysis, including the fluctuation of the estimated B/C ratio as derived by the sensitivity analysis, are presented in the following table:

RES technologies B/C ratio B/C ratio fluctuation
Biomass boiler 2.32 1.94-2.86
Cofiring biomass and lignite boiler 2.19 2.00-2.51
Biogas CHP 2.10 1.86-2.47
Biomass CHP 2.04 1.68-2.59
Solar thermal systems for the production of domestic hot water 1.48 1.24-1.69
High-efficient individual biomass boilers 1.38 1.18-1.66
District cooling 0.92
Geothermal heat pumps with horizontal heat exchanger 0.81 0.77-0.95
Geothermal heat pumps with vertical heat exchanger 0.73 0.70-0.85
Aerothermal heat pumps 0.70 0.64-0.84
Solar thermal systems for heating and hot water 0.67 0.67-0.76
Solar thermal systems for heating, cooling and hot water 0.44 0.44-0.49