Country governance committees

AEA has so far organized three Country Governance meetings. All the meetings were held in Salzburg with an average participation of 8-9 important decision makers in the region. The first meeting was held on January 8, 2015, the second on October 6, 2015 and the third on March 10, 2016. The region under study covers two regional associations (“Regionalverband Salzburg Stadt und Umgebungsgemeinden” – the City of Salzburg and surroundings as well as “Regionalverband Salzburger Seenland” – the Salzburg Lake District) with 21 municipalities and approximately 240 000 inhabitants in total. Currently, a regional heat demand map is being developed, for which there is a good amount of data available. The contribution of the RES H/C SPREAD project covers mainly methodological expertise regarding RES-cooling as well as the implementation of cost-benefit analyses.

These meetings have been very useful for the successful development of RES H/C-Plans because they have taken into account, as much as possible, all of the regional needs. In particular, the most valuable input provided by the participating stakeholders has been:

  • Specification of potential needs in the region;
  • Data input (heating and warm water demand, supply data, data on energy consumption in housing, industry and service sector);
  • Inputs for scenario development (energy carrier mix, assumptions, etc.);
  • Inputs for cost benefit analysis;
  • “Quality assessment” of the project outputs.

First CGC meeting

Second CGC meeting

Third CGC meeting

Regional maps

RES H-C SPREAD Mapping methodology excess heat

RES H-C SPREAD Mapping of biomass heating plants

RES H-C SPREAD Mapping of biomass potentials

RES H-C SPREAD Mapping of excess heat

Cost-benefit analysis

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