Climate and energy model meeting in Austria

On June 8, 2016, the project “RES H/C SPREAD” was presented on the “KEM-Vernetzungstreffen” (climate and energy model regions meeting) in Waidhofen/Thaya in the Province Lower Austria. About 70 managers of Austrian model regions participated to get information about the newest outcomes of different research fields regarding energy efficiency and renewables.

RES-HC_Austria_dissemination_event_photo1At the beginning the two topics with the highest grade of novelty or relevance of all 19 topics were highlighted by separate presentations. One of these two was “RES H/C SPREAD” focusing on the usage of waste water energy within a 15-minute presentation and two-hour workshop session.

The presentation consisted of the main topics:

  • Lorenz Strimitzer (AEA): general intruduction, goal and scope of the project; waste water energy as an interesting option for regional planners
  • Franz Zach (AEA): the different aspects of waste water energy:
    • theoretical aspects using heat from waste water via heat exchanger and heat pump
      • in the sewage
      • after the sewage plant
    • realized examples in Austria
    • energy efficiency in the sewage plant
    • opportunities of financing projects
  • Gernot Stöglehner (BOKU, project “Abwasserenergie”): spatial planning aspects to enhance the usability of energy resources in the sewage plant externally
    • different spatial situation of sewage plants
    • potential of Austrian sewage plants for the Austrian energy system

After this presentation there was a two-hour poster session. Nineteen topics were addressed and the 70 KEM managers could walk from station to station to talk with the experts and to discuss about possible projects in the region.

Our RES H/C-SPREAD “waste water energy team” consisted of Franz Zach and Lorenz Strimitzer.

  • BOKU: Prof. Gernot Stöglehner
  • Ochsner Wärmepumpen (heat pump company): Gottfried Adelberger

On six posters (together with the project “Abwasserenergie”) the main aspects of waste water energy use and renewable energies in general were addressed.

RES-HC_Austria_dissemination_event_photo2In this session a lot of “KEM” managers who were highly interested in this topic discussed with the project team, partially about waste water energy in general due to the fact that it is a quite unknown field in Austria, unlike in other states such as Switzerland or Germany, and in various cases also about concrete project ideas in their region. A large number of new contacts were made and cooperation in the realization of new waste water energy between the project team and Austrian regions is highly likely  to take place.

The organization board acknowledged this topic as a very relevant one regarding the energy system of the future. Further cooperation is planned in the near future.