4th CGC in Greece

4th_CGC_Greece_photoThe 4th workshop in Greece was conducted on Monday, 24 April 2016 with the participation of 15 stakeholders.

In the beginning, the finalized version of the regional H-C plan from RES was presented focusing on the results from the implemented CBA analysis, the proposed policy measures and the monitoring mechanism.

It was decided to add as a policy measure the installation of a biomass CHP unit in the existing district heating network and to decrease the annual penetration of the individual biomass boilers in the residential sector so as to result in a more realistic exploitation rate of the existing biomass potential recognizing the difficulties for the efficient collection and utilization of the available biomass.

Moreover, it was highlighted the lack of effective financing mechanisms in order to implement the proposed policy measures. The current funds seem incapable of financing the proposed policy measures indicating the necessity to identify more flexible and efficient mechanisms so as to increase the current degree of leverage.

Finally, it was decided to be launched a more systematic procedure for the quantification of the additional externalities with the participation of the majority of the stakeholders and to update the existing regional H-C plan taking into consideration the resulted findings.

Regarding the monitoring mechanism of the regional H-C plan from RES, it was agreed that the regional authority with the technical supervision of ANKO will be responsible for the implementation of the developed regional RES H-C plan. Moreover, a signature of a memorandum of understating with all the involved parties will facilitate the implementation of the proposed policy measures within the regional H-C plan including the continuation of the current CGC. It was noted that the continuous update of the plan with the integration of additional policy measures is considered as a prerequisite in order to ensure the fulfillment of the established targets of the regional H-C plan.

Finally, it was supported the statement that the current regional H-C plan should not be treated as a stand-alone energy plan, but to be incorporated into the total energy plan of the region of Western Macedonia.