Second CGC Workshop in Bulgaria

2nd CGC Workshop in BulgariaOn September 24, 2015, the Association of Rhodope Municipalities and the Black Sea Energy Research Centre organised the second Bulgarian CGC meeting, which took place in the city of Plovdiv. Representatives of municipal and district administrations, energy suppliers, energy agencies as well as other CGC members participated in the event and discussed the work done on the project so far and the opportunities to increase the application of the results achieved.

The Bulgarian partners on the project are currently developing a plan for heating from renewable energy for the Rhodope region. All data has been collected and is nearly done being analysed.

GIS maps have been created, indicating:

  • Annual energy consumption for heating in residential buildings and energy consumption forecasts for 2025, 2030 and 2050;
  • Annual energy consumption for water heating in the residential sector;
  • Biomass energy potential;
  • Geothermal energy potential;
  • Municipal buildings with larger energy consumption in selected towns.

The use of geo-referenced data allows the inclusion of the results in numerous calculations and their optimization, if further updates are needed. This would support the energy planning of local and regional administrations.

Three cost-benefit analyses have been carried out:

  • Heating solutions in the residential sector;
  • District heating by geothermal energy – the case of the municipality of Zlatograd;
  • The heating of municipal buildings – the case of the municipality of Chepelare.

The results of the aforementioned analyses and the related software tools will help identify the best heating solutions.

In January 2016, the 3rd CGC workshop will be held to discuss the draft regional plan and, specifically, the measures needed to achieve the plan’s targets.